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Friday, June 1, 2007

Misenthropic Rant

OK, maybe I am a jerk in my own right and maybe I am "touched" in the head but it really gets under my skin when people let little insignificant things get under their skin. (Stone me for contradictions of nature...)
What I mean is how one will inevitably have a co-worker who is a shining exemplar of incompetence, and on some level knows this about themselves, but will try endlessly to justify their existence by being an anal retentive adherent to every soul squelching minutia of process.

One will inevitably arrive on this person's radar by means of a minor (actual of imagined) infraction of some fractional gnat's ass of a regulation. Said individual will inevitably make a big deal out of that which is not and when you, the sane person, places the incident into its proper context, the neurotic self-doubting whipped pup will recoil in horror and slink off to their therapist or local gun dealer with much whining and tooth gnashing.

It really makes me crazy having to navigate the corridors of other people's lunacy.

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