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Monday, December 29, 2008


Headache and tension mark the modern life.
A thousand pricks and cuts the soul degrades.
All beauty and joy rendered to paler shades.
Each day, 'tween office walls doth offer strife
and severs calm as a butcher's knife
doth sever flesh with whetted blades.
Each moment glimpsed of outdoors' shades
doth inflate a longing rife
to saunter out among the leaves
and nature's simple beauty capture.
A longing wells within that naught can ease
but memory of past times retrieves
one moment of nature's rapture
puts again the confined mind at ease.

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  1. So 18th Century! I always like the syntax: [the something] doth [the something else] [verb]. "The sun doth Zephyr's source approach / And I to bounteous table / wend my way" just sounds a helluva lot more worthwhile than "The sun's going down and I'm going home to eat."



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